Scarlette March 2 – Armor

For this month of I’ve been working on getting combat balanced and equipment bonuses. There still needs to be a lot more testing before I officially finalize the system but the base level looks promising.

So here is the technical breakdown. I wanted to go with a persona 4 meets dragon age origin feel so it’s been a little tricky balancing out these 2 different systems.

Weapons are either melee and ranged. Each weapon has flat damage amount and crit chance. The damage is broken into 6 types; bludgeon, slicing, piercing energy, cryo, and radiation. There are also different fighting styles when you equip certain weapons. So you can wield two knives, be a brawler, dual wield pistols, use rife or heavy melee weapon like a spear or sting lance. Overall it’s been cool to see it come together, but there have been a few rewrites to get the direction down because animation is a pain in the ass.

Equipment menu

Every character starts with an 80% hit chance but by equipping armor it will drop that depending on its weight. The main bonus from armor is to give character evade, defense, and damage resistance. There are three types of armor: head, body, legs. Mix and match the armor to balance out your character or equip the set to be good at resisting one damage type. There is also male and female version of each body armor because the body base is sized differently.

In the original combat system there was just one item to represent armor, so breaking it into three will give the player more options, but also means a lot more drawing on my end. Also with the different damage and defense types, you will have to equip different armor for your party to combat the various enemy.

Hopefully to armor customization will pay off, but I am still contemplating how available the medium and heavy armor should be in the game world. Whether it should be given as a quest reward or found in dungeon drops or even something you have to craft like in monster hunter.

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