Here’s a quick run down of the game and it’s features. This is our first big game, so if you have any additional questions or require a digital beta copy of the game for reviewing please contact us.


Star Girls has been in development for 3 years and we are using the Cocos2dx engine, so everything was built from the ground up.

Star Girls is a dating simulator with bullet hell combat system.  The game is fully voice acted with multiple endings. In Star Girls you have 60 days to find love or be cursed forever. You have to manage your time, build up your captain’s spirit and take your Star Girl on dates to ‘woo’ her.

Each girl has their own personality, so figuring out what kind of personally she likes will be key to winning her over.

  • 6 unique girls with their own stories, items, unlockable costumes and favourite date locations.
  • 3 dialogue choice. Play the kind of rookie you want to play; be it charming, smart or a badass. Every girl has their preference.
  • Bullet hell combat system that can be customized to your playing style by upgrading your stats through training, buying fighters and assigning the right Star Girl as your copilots.
  • Original soundtracks that are tailor-made for each planet you visit.
  • Hundreds of unique lines that are voice acted and lip-synced with facial animation.
  • 20 CGs that are unlocked by events and endings.
  • Multiple endings that tell how your actions changed the character’s future.

Star Girls is SilverEdge games first big PC / Mac release. The core goal of this game was to make a dating sim game that gave the player lots of choices without bogging them down with filler conversations. The developer is also a huge fan of early Bioware games and the Yakuza series, so it was important to have the character be multi layered and relatable.