Captain’s log – Jan 3 2018 A New year looking back

I saw a few other indie developer blog about how there past year has been and their goals for next year of game development. I thought might be an interesting to do the same and reflect on the development of space girls.

What happened last year:
1. Wanted to release space girls last year but pushed it back twice and changed a lot.
2. Removed missions from the game. It was addictive but some of the people in my test group didn’t understand how it worked and that game became more about a fetch questing then sim dating
3. finished alpha – core art was finished and all base conversations were written.
4. Made the game more character focus, by making the girl interact with each other if certain a condition were meet. I also gave Vos and the commander bigger roles within the game.
5. Completed beta – full finished game. This means you can get all the girls and fight their final boss to get a game over screen explaining you’re how your choice affected the world.
6. lipsyncing was added 2 months ago and added a shit tone more work to my development cycle but it really makes the game stand out from a typical visual novel. Also, I hate reading and I find people are less likely to skip dialogue when someone reading it to you.

before lipsyncing:


after lipsync:

lipsync tech demo

Hopes and dreams for this year:
1. Finished and release space girls hopefully in the next 6 months. I currently racing against an apartment that’s being constructed by my house;  if they can build a 15-floor apartment I can finish my game.
2. Start / workable prototype of my 3rd game. The two options are.

  • love and looting (mobile only) basically it a turn-based micro rpg with permadeath/roguelike. The Combat is more like a date game show where you have to answer and asked the right question to overcome the challenges because the monster are invincible. It’s going to have D&D like mechanics and my goal is to make this short dumb game about making monster fall in love with you.
  • “plunder her dungeon.” (the code name for it). It will probably another  2+ year project again. Where I mix persona meets dark souls. It’s basically about goddesses that can save your world but something blocking their divine power so you have to jump into there dungeons to overcomes the corruption. dark soul mechanic is everything is based on essence(souls) and you used that to level up and build items for your character.

3. If space girls does really well and there is a demand for more there are a few ways I could expand the universe and release another product in 12 months

  • sub story – DLC for a few space girls let the players take the role of one of the girls in her own microstory taking place in the past or during the current events of the game. example of this is giving  Alaina a sub-story about her past and the events that caused her to have a debt to the pirate king.
  • The boy version of the game. reusing the engine and the menu layout but create new love interests, dialogue/story and CG for each of them.
  • extra character and planets. adding an ice world or a lava world would make some interesting character and stories.
  • Start Space girls 2. I don’t think I would be able to do it in 12 months but I probably could get a good alpha build by then.

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