Captain’s log June 1- Game updates

I’ve been meaning to write one of these but I lost track of the time and I have a lot of things going on.

Game Updates:

Name Change: I had to change the games name from Space girl to Star girls mainly because it was already taken on steam. The “Space girls” game on steam is basically DEEP SPACE WAIFU knockoff game made by a developer that makes achievement hunter games for $1. Using Steamspy you can look them up but all their work is pretty much shovelware garbage. The fall back name was galaxy girl and that was taken a month later by another developer. At least the Galaxy girl game is a VN nudity driven game so I am pretty cool with that. I did learn that you need to have your names locked down on the steam story page as soon as you can. The Galaxy girl developer has several games on the store page that won’t come out for next 2 years.

Encryption: The game asset needs encryption andcocos2dx doesn’t really have something built into it like the other game engines does (game maker, unity and renpy). I have managed to encrypt the image asset with the help of texture packer and I am using “xxtea” to encrypt the save files and other game important text files. It’s been a slow process and there is a huge bug when it comes to “xxtea”. In the future, I will probably consider using another game engine because this has been a pain in the ass.

Update dating core asset: I am a coder and the plan is to replace all my artwork with better art. It’s been a slow process but hopefully the UI looks a lot better in the end. I have the vision but I suck at drawing, see screenshot below. These are the artist that has done work for me and are currently featured in the game.

background / UI:
Character art:

Voice acting casting call: Scripts have been finalized and the casting call has gone out. There are a lot of promising candidates. It’s really surprising how many people want to voice the Commander. If you are interested, you can apply here:

Steam integration: Achievements have been added. Working on cloud saving next.

Steams ban scare for VN games that have nudity in it: Nudity and sex in video games can be an important element to have when you’re dealing with characters and romantic relationships. I’ll talk about it more in another blog but in terms of my game, it doesn’t have nudity in it but you can have “sex” with the girls. I didn’t want to rely on anime boobies to sell my game because I put a lot of work into making the character multilayered and the game’s core theme is for a star girl to fall in love which doesn’t equal sex. I guess my goal was to show that there is much more going on in a relationship than the physical. That being said you can start a harem and there will be a cheating event that you can only pass if you have enough charm. If you fail the girl will never speak to you again; locking you out of the harem ending.

If there is a high demand for nudity I can always add it in later as a patch or a free update.

My original concept for vs Riki-to final work

VosDemoPart2.png    VOS_fill_example_image







This is how costume design works:

cyborgtron.png example_pose1.jpg









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