August 29 – Space Girls is getting a Dev blog

Hey everyone, I’m an indie developer for a game called ‘Space girls’. I’ve been working on this game since May 2016. The game has evolved a lot from the original prototype to the current version.  It’s a little late to start a dev blog, but what the hell. I have some old designs I want to share with you guys, as well as, some thoughts on how this game’s been progressing while I’ve been coding away at my home office.

Space girls is a dating simulator where you go from planet to planet trying to pick up girls. If you can’t make them fall in love with you within 60 days you become cursed and can never find love.
The core game play is a dating simulator with a time management aspect and a bullet hell combat system.
My goals with this game are to make some interesting characters that develop and grow through the player choices. Also, for the player to feel like they have achieved their conquest through determination and planning instead of a random choice on a dialogue tree.

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