Captain’s log – Sept 15 – Simple ending with impact

So I had this idea, what if the ending had multiple parts to it. The ending would show the result of the choice that player had made and how it affected the girls/planets. It would be in 7 parts all describing the future of each planet and then what happened you’re your character. I got this inspiration from dragon age origins and I am surprised it hasn’t been done in any RPG since. I found this method to be a nice way to show how all your choices made a difference in the world and not to resource draining.

for example, let’s say you pursuing Luu and Melanie. All the other girl you have met but they haven’t gotten to the girlfriend state. You had to make a choice you decided to do Luu main quest and ending the game. Depending on how far you are with Melanie there would be different ending with her. Let’s assume you go to the second important conversation 2 and that’s it. Her ending is about spending time with her grandfather before he dies and learning how to be a chief… forgetting about the white whale and her revenge.
The another ending would be triggered by seeing important conversation 3 and chose “not to help her”. Then it will say Something along the lines that “Melanie wanted revenge so badly but no one has seen her since she went on the hunt. The white whale is still destroying ships in Katnipper space to this day”. Luu on the other have would have a positive ending having saved Terra 5.


Of course, it is just a thought on how I should end the game. It might not make it into the final product but I liked the idea a lot.


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