Captain’s log – Oct 20 – Update on the game progress

This week I finished the core game by completing the last boss of Himeko which turned out to be a giant flying eye that shoots a laser beam.  There still needs to be a lot of polishing and new assets needed to take the place of my temp boss images (no one will buy my game if I leave them in)  but now it’s a complete game with your chosen space girl. I was glad I was able to get all the 6 bosses in the game because at one point I had considered copping it; thinking it wasn’t really necessary.  Each boss turned out to be very important part of the girl’s overall story/growth.



Also, this week have started working on a secret space girl as well as the harem ending, which should unlock the last 2 CG in the game. The harem ending boss hasn’t been finalized yet but I was thinking about having the player fight each girl in there own unique ships with their own dialogue. Also at the end of the level, all the ships combined to megazord. To me, that is the only way to go out with a bang.  It’s not really that crazy of an idea considering I have the girls digevolving (from digimon) every time you unlock a new costume.

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