Captain log Nov 2: Honey the princess of Hive

Honey is official the first-star girl to be fully integrated into the game. Since every star girl is special in their own way, I am hopeful that each one will get a post.

I've got this


Honey was born and raised as a princess of Hive. She is used to gettering her way and being idolised by her people. As the future ruler of Hive she has been groomed to act a certain and because of this, she is afraid that if anyone saw her true personality they wouldn’t like her. She struggles with being the person everyone expects her to be and being true to herself.

She is a Tsundere / Himedere that is forced to join your crew and has to adapt to the new life. Her personality is a nice blend of super serious, outburst of rage and silliness. Haley Parsley has done a great job capturing Honey’s personality and tone.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 4.01.11 PM
Honey likes charming answer because manners are important and she demands respect. Smart answers piss her off. Badass answers catcher her off guard and make her blush.

She gets hangry (hunger angry) easily and when her energy is low, smoothies are the only thing she will consume. She addicted to green jell because if she catches a cold, all of Hive will know about it.

The story arc focuses on Honey’s struggles becoming the Queen of Hive. She needs the players help to see her future released and combat her brother’s attempts to claim the throne. Whether she becomes Queen of Hive is up to you.

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