Captain’s log Dec 8: Luu the shy slime for Terra 5.



Luu is a scientist that works for a planetary corporation called hyper jell inc and is stuck trying to figure out how to save her planet while overcoming her own flaws. Slimes are timid by nature and never really speak out in fear of being the centre of attention. This is made worse because the current government brands slimes that have anything negative to say about hyper jell inc as terrorists; they are never seen again.

Luu likes smart and badass answers. Charming answers just make her feel awkward and might cause her to puddle. She is super adorable and full of surprises.

She loves chocolate cake because slimes need a lot of sugar to keep their humanoid form. She is also a huge fan of the Commander and loves buying his motivational books in the hopes she can learn how to be more confident and maybe lead one day.

The story arc focuses on Luu learning how the rest of the galaxy works and she questions her pre-conceived notions of right and wrong. Can she fight her nature and find the courage to stand up against hyper jell inc before her planet is destroyed or is Terra 5 doomed.


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