Captain’s log May 31: Cyborg with no past


Sinpie: The girl who knows everything, but has experienced nothing.

Sinpie is unlike all the other girls in Star Girls. She has direct access to one of the most advanced civilizations databases and with her cybernetic, she is far more superior than any other race in the galaxy. Since Sinpie has only been alive for 3 years everything is new to her, including relationships and the emotional growing pains that come with your first love.


Sinpie is striving to be the perfect girl which means, walling off all the traits she believes is negative. That means she only likes charming and smart answers; all the badass answers might get you in trouble.

Sinpie likes consuming steak, the organic parts of her body need the protein to keep up with her cybernetics demands. She also likes gardening, because she wants to take care of life forms; so a fruit tree would be perfect for her.

Sinpie’s story ark focuses on her learning about her past and figuring out who she wants to be in the future. This leads her to start investigating a program called ‘project divinity’ and finding out the truth about one of Neo Eden’s best-kept secret.
Can you survive a jealous cyborg with a slipt personality that just wants you to fall in love with ‘them’; no matter what.

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