Captain’s log May 17: A Cat from Kattnipper


Melanie – The warrior who is haunted by her past

Melanie trains every day and she always gives it a 110 %. She is the most positive person you will meet on your adventure and she tries to learn from every experience. Despite her positive demeanour, she hasn’t come to terms of the tragedy that happened 4 years ago, which took her parents and older brother away from her. She has become obsessed with getting stronger and only cares about killing the white space whale. She has taken it upon herself to train you in the ways for her people to make you a great hunter.


Melanie talks in the third person due to the trauma she suffered 4 years ago. She likes smart and bass-ass answers, because she believes that those traits will make you a good hunter. She doesn’t understand love so any charming answer she gets uncomfortable with.

Melanie loves eating space fish. In her eyes, nothing is better than a fish stew. Unfortunately, Melanie isn’t a very good cook, so she is always looking for cookbooks to improve her culinary skills.

Melanie’s story focuses on her trying to overcome the trauma she suffered. She starts to struggle with the idea that getting justice for her families death isn’t the only thing that is important in life.  If she’s not careful she will be stuck in the past and miss out on her possible future with you.

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