Scarlette Dec 1 – 2 months of development.

One of my takeaways from Star Girls was the need to post more often and sooner in development. So the current game which I’ll refer to as “Scarlette” has only really been in development for 2 months now. It’s my first real attempt to use unity 2d, so it’s been slow with a lot of tutorials. Overall everything is still raw and I’ve had to rewrite a lot of code because the game is still evolving.

Scarlette is right now an RPG with a top-down perspective. The goal is to create a fun world you can dick around in and populate it with interesting characters that can permanently die based on your choices. Right now I only have a few systems in place but as you can see it’s already fun.


It’s a much grander scope than Star Girls, but it’s logically the next step in order to create a full-blown RPG.

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