Captain’s log Jan 1: Space Pirate from Gomora


Alaina – the scarlet vixen.

This woman is a typical Gomorin, she likes to drink, and fight as often as she can. As a pirate she uses all her assets to get ahead, but make no mistake she will kill you in a heartbeat. She doesn’t hide who she is and she doesn’t care if she doesn’t fit in. She lives her life in the moment and she isn’t interested in fixing the galaxies problems just her own.


Alaina likes charming and badass answers. While smart answers just piss her off. The more perverted and direct the answer is, the more she’ll like you.

Alaina loves drinking, so any alcoholic drinks in the game will recharge her energy. She also like blowing shit up, so giving her a power crystal will get you affection points.

The scarlet vixen’s story starts off with Alaina working for the pirate king because she owes him an unpayable life debt. Her life is in a downward spiral due to being betrayed by the one person she trusted the most. The now it’s up to the rookie to help her pay off her debt and give Alaina a new chance at life.

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