Captain’s log Feb 2: The girl from Colony 7


Himeko – The girl next door with big dreams.

Himeko wants to be friends with everyone and hopes that she grows as a person with each new experience. She is driven and despite all of her setbacks, she pushes forward with a smile on her face. She is a little cautious due to the horror stories she has hears from dumb captains. She still wants to experience everything that the galaxy has for her. She loves flying and she wants to be just like you someday.


Himeko likes charming and smart answers. She worked as a coordinator on Echo one for a few years and so she had to manage new captains. She found that the ones that didn’t take the dangers of space seriously ended up getting themselves killed, so she hates anyone that tried to act like a bad ass.

Himeko is addicted to energy drinks and video games, but she is also the kind of girl that likes to be surprised with flowers.

Himeko’s story involves finding the truth about what happened in the battle for Gomora’s independence. She is not Gomorain, but her father had fought and died with the rest of Colony 7 and earth forces at that battle. With the rookies’ help, she hopes to learn the truth and become a pilot like her father someday.

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